"My work with Dr. Dau has had a profound impact on my life and on the lives of the people who love me. I am mentally and emotionally healthier than ever before, and continue to heal and grow more with each weekly session. 

I think of our sessions together as a safe space that is always available. No matter what stress, anxiety, fear, or hurt comes up for me, I have refuge and a means of moving through it in a positive way. 

Dr. Dau often says that committing to this work is the hardest thing we will ever do. She is right; I have confronted shadows and sadness unimaginable. It is also the greatest thing I have ever done for myself and my family and friends. The shadows and sadness have always been there. 

Now, I am learning to understand them and work with these parts of myself without self-hate. I am no longer spinning out. I am grounding myself and lifting up. I am learning to trust the spiritual connection to that which is divine within me. I am forever grateful to be working with Dr. Dau."

Alice Miller
New York City

"In the 4 years that I have been working with Dr. Dau, I have been able to unpack the deeply recessed childhood feelings and trauma that have been guiding my behavior (and my life's output) for the last 20 years.  I have learned to become friends with my "dark shadows", rather than letting them impulsively control me.

Dr. Dau is a highly skilled professional, with solid real-world training and experience.  She is both a patient herself of psychoanalysis and a business person with keen insights into how to best make communications effective.  When in her sessions, you feel her 100% presence to you.

My session work with her has improved my relationship with my-self, my spouse and children, and everyone at work... it's remarkable how effective you can become in communication when you understand the dynamics that are at play within the relationship; not only within the other but of the dynamics within oneself.

For all she has done, and will certainly continually do, to help me improve my life, I offer a resounding endorsement of Dr. Dau."

Daniel Dresden
Ashoroken, NY

"I have been working with therapists for over 20 years, really since I have been a young adult.  But, I have never met anyone who has been able to speak with me–meet me–on the realm of depthful core inner work and spirituality as Dr. Dau does.  She believes deeply in her faith and it shows, and this added dimension of speaking of God, self and my psyche has made the world of difference in my work and my entire life.  I have had more insights, and seen my life improve more in the last 3 years than in the 15+ prior years of working with other therapists.

Dr. Dau calls her work, psycho-spiritual counseling, but I call it "freedom work"... it has truly set me free!

Anne Kelly
Wading River, N.Y.

I cannot say enough of the work that Dr. Dau has done with me to make me a better person; I was having trouble with food (mild addiction), my husband (constantly empowering his slightly abusive talk) and my three children ("walking all over me"); it has taken time but all has turned for the better.  Thank you, Dr. Dau!

Combined with her background in nutrition and wellness, I have learned to eat better, feel better and appreciate wellness–oh, and I have lost 20 lbs.

My husband and I are communicating again–all of are subtle battling is gone–and, it feels like it did when we were first married.  More than anything, I think we have gained so much respect for and acceptance of each other.

And, this is so hard to believe but my teenagers and I are truly enjoying, respecting and loving each other.  My behavioral changes-not theirs-has allowed for us to be mother-son, and mother-daughters because  I have maturely stepped into be the adult.

I love my weekly session with Georgeann.... you never know what you will find out from the one hour in reflection on self and my relationship to self.... all I know is that it is the time of the week I most look forward to, and it has been showing results day after day.

Syosset, NY

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