The Live Within
Written by Georgeann Dau PhD

There is a LIFE WITHIN the life we live, and yet could it be we are blind to it????

We are sailing on this ship on the waters of life. Along the way we come upon an iceberg; we can see the surface of it as it is seemingly floating atop the waters and yet we have no idea of the depths that lurk beneath the sea.

We, it has been said, we only live 10% consciously thus we journey through life seeing only 10% of who we are. Like the iceberg, we are only aware of the tip of the life that is waiting to be reborn. We see the surface at the top of the iceberg not the other 90% of its depths beneath the sea of life.

Written by Father Richard Rohr

Contemplation is the key to unlocking the attachments and addictions of the mind so that we can see clearly. I think some form of contemplative practice is necessary to be able to detach from your own agenda, your own anger, your own ego, and your own fear.

I find that most people operate not out of consciousness, but out of their level of practiced brain function, which relies on early-life conditioning and has little to do with Freedom or love.

We primarily operate from habituated patterns based on what Mom told me and showed me; what went wrong when I was young, and the defense mechanisms learned that helped me to be right and good, accepted and loved; to be first and famous, or whatever I may want to be.
Letting Go - Part II
We struggle moving into the second half of our life only to the degree that we remain unconscious of both 1) the role of our developed complexes; the role they have had on our life; and 2) the growing gap between our true nature and our choices.
Letting Go - Part I
What does letting go mean??? What are we to let go of?

We do not seem to be able to let go, we struggle with trust and the ability to love, forgive ourselves and others.

So what has happened???
Second Half of Life
We begin our journey in life out of the original blessing of being created in the image and likeness of God, who is love. Genesis 1:26. Original sin passed down from generations, exposes each of us to each other’s wounds as our own original wounds are born.
Wisdom's Authority
I dare to write not because I strongly trust my own ability to think or write, but with a much stronger faith in the objective presence of the "Stable Witness" within (Romans 8:16), who "will teach you everything" (John 14:26) and whose "law is already written on your hearts" (Jeremiah 31:33). All that a true spiritual teacher really does is "second the motions" of the primal and ever present Holy Spirit.
The Spiritual Journey in a Nutshell
Throughout this year of Daily Meditations we have been basically following the stages of spiritual development. (St. John of the Cross, whose feast day it is, charted this journey much better than I ever can!) We begin with the original blessing of being created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26) who is Love (1 John 4:8). But early in life we seem to forget our origin and who we really are.
Finding Your Soul
In the final stage of life, what I call the “I Am Who I Am” goal, you know your body is not you of itself; you have found your soul and been contacted by Spirit. You do not need to protect your external self, roles, money or status symbols. You do not need to promote them or prove them to anyone. You can even let go of your image of being superior in any way: a holy person, more moral than others, smarter, an advanced or enlightened person in any sense.
Why do we judge?
Why do we judge? We know it is negative, yet, we judge ourselves and others? What are we judging?? Where did we learn to judge?

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